Eco Balance

Vorwerk Carpets. Eco Balance.
Vorwerk Carpets thinks and lives in alignment with a systematic programme objective through Eco Balance. It places ecological, social and economic aspects regarding sustainability in a symbiotic context.
Taking this thematic content as a basis, Vorwerk Carpets defines new international standards and enacts them effectively for every product, every process, every member of staff and, in short, for everybody. A well-balanced claim to sustainability is the initial starting point and target all in one.
Because balance is important
The continuing, counterweighted enactment of this programme objective creates a sustainable balance: Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. Innovation and experience are in consonance with one another. Research, studies and analysis along with acquired know-how in practice are the ongoing regulative factors in Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. The underlying constant in this process: Vorwerk Carpets has been exercising a pioneering role for more than 20 years.
Confirmed rather than merely promised

Those who want to remain in balance have to move. That’s why Vorwerk Carpets regularly subjects itself to international audit committees on a proactive basis. The result: Carpets from Vorwerk bear all the fundamental German ‘eco-product’ labels, numerous internationally renowned seals such as A+ and Green Label, as well as certificates with a relevance to social factors and health.

Vorwerk Teppich – Legendary green

As far back as 1994 Vorwerk Carpets already used the slogan “Our logo has always been green” to formulate an orientation that conforms more than ever with today’s spirit of the times. At Vorwerk Carpets, the issue of ecologically correct, of sensible action stands first and foremost above each corporate decision.

Social commitment

Alongside ecological factors, social and economic components equally define Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance. Sincere commitment towards charitable institutions such as “SOS-Kinderdörfer”, relief villages for children all over the world, are an expression of social accountability to which the company obligates itself each and every day. At home, the same goes for family and health management for its own staff.

A balanced product: the carpet Tile TEXTiles SL - without PVC or Bitumen

TEXtiles SL is a particularly environmentally conscionable coating process that can replace the PVC or bitumen coatings customarily used for tiles until now. The innovation thereby is a self-laying backing made of polyolefin together with a strongly needled and calendered polyester fabric, which is fully recyclable. In addition, these tile products are manufactured with a particular focus on conserving resources and environmental suitability. They are comprised of a 60 % share of recycled material while utilising carbon-neutral energy for their production.

The TEXtiles SL line is one current example of how Vorwerk Carpets Eco Balance is already being concretely applied these days in products from Vorwerk Carpets. Nearly all carpet collections are conceived, created and produced under aspects pertaining directly to Eco Balance.
For more information on the topic of Eco Balance, please refer to the LIFE Balance Report 2018: