Vorwerk presented SCALE LIVING, the first collection of free-form tiles for the home, at Qubique, the new, next-generation ‘tradeshow’ for furniture and design, in Berlin from the 26th to the 29th of October, 2011.
21.Oktober 2011
Turns the floor into a space for design
Vorwerk presents first collection of free-form tiles for the home
Hadi Teherani and Vorwerk Carpets developed an innovative textile concept for tiles with the collections SCALE and FreeSCALE that came out in 2009. Now Vorwerk is presenting the SCALE LIVING collection at
Qubique in Berlin, “the next-generation tradeshow for furniture and design”, and again in collaboration with Teherani’s bureau. SCALE LIVING transposes the concept of freely shaped tiles to the residential living sector. The time has finally come when carpet tiles can be used to set out-of-theordinaryaccents on the floor at home, too.
The exhibit “RAPPORT. Experimentelle Raumstrukturen.” (‘Repeat Pattern. Experimental Spatial Structures’) offers new insights into Jürgen Mayer H.’s interdisciplinary mindset and his approach to design. His team developed a walkable installation for the 10-metre-high lobby at the Berlinische Galerie. The walls and floor are fitted with carpet printed with black & green data backup patterns. The highly magnified repeat pattern creates a kind of ‘continuous flicker’, the lobby is transformed into an interesting scenario composed of shapes and structures that flow into and away from each other. The perfectly sized 800 m² carpet from Vorwerk acts as a fundamental element of the spatial architecture thereby.
Starting now, Vorwerk Carpets is presenting the “Object Collection”, the broad palette of its carpets and carpet tiles suited towards commercial business sites, in a focused, newly designed catalogue bearing the same name. Equally a source of inspiration and a comprehensive reference work for architects, designers and site contractors, the catalogue is enclosed in a finely tooled slip case.
The most recent Vorwerk project in the course of a traditional commitment towards art and artists is the exhibition “Gustav Mahler – Productive Decadence in Vienna around 1900” at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Berlin.It displays the life and work of the great composer Gustav Mahler in a social context.
Vorwerk Carpets at exhibitions and events in 2011 The “Transflooring Tour” is going to progress to its next level in 2011 with four appearances at the renowned trade-fairs DOMOTEX, BAU and imm cologne, as well as on the design causeways at the PASSAGEN exhibition in Cologne.
Vorwerk Carpets traditionally displays an active commitment towards art and artists. The most recent project in the cultural brand context is an artist sponsorship for Heike Weber. Within the framework of the exhibition “We are Orient. Contemporary arabesques” currently being shown at the Museum Marta Herford, Heike Weber displays a moving piece of artwork – made completely out of carpet from Vorwerk.